Your Partner for OEM and Recipe Customization

The F&B industry is facing an unprecedented manpower crunch resulting in many F&B establishments having great difficulties in finding both kitchen and front-of-house service staff. This has in turn led to many F&B establishments’ inability to maintain its menu quality items or serve the same number of dishes like before.

Friends Gourmet has the ideal solution to help these F&B establishments to serve up delicious menu items without the need to hire additional kitchen staff. With our  R&D team and the years of experience in preparing ready-to-eat meals and soup for our gourmet outlets and food retailers, we can provide OEM services, customization of recipes and packaging for other f&B establishments.


Benefits of using Friends Gourmet B2B services:

  • Supplying our clients with quality and consistent food products that are great tasting,
  • Helping our clients to save on labour and operation related costs when their products are supplied by us.
  • Streamlining our client’s operations to focus on serving customers instead of investing time and money on food preparation.
  • Serving up restaurant-standard meals based on your recipes or ours.
  • Offering healthier choices as our food items do not have preservatives and are lower in sodium.

For details on how we can support you, please drop us an email at enquiry@friendsgourmet.com.sg or contact us at Tel: 8882 3596