Quality Meat, Ham, Sausages, Ready-to-Eat Meals and so much more!

Whether you’re craving for an instant hot meal for lunch or dinner, easy to prepare meat products like ham and sausage or quality beef or pork for a home-cook meal, Friends Gourmet is the one stop destination. For busy working adults that require super delicious and ready-to-eat meals that require simple reheating, our wide range of ready-to-eat meals and soups is the perfection solution for you.



Beef: Check out our wide range of beef such as beef patty, minced beef, short-ribs, ox-tail, rib-eye, striploin, tenderloin, grass-fed steak, Angus beef, Wagyu beef and more.  View more >

Pork: Friends Gourmet offers chilled Indonesian pork from Bulan. Get your favorite cuts such as pork belly, pork chop, pork fillet, pork knuckle and more! View more >

Shabu-Shabu: Hotpot lovers, get your beef or pork shabu from Friends Gourmet outlets or online. We offer the best ribeye, pork belly, pork collar and Iberico Shabu-Shabu. View more >



Ham: Enjoy a wide range of ham ranging from pork, chicken, turkey, breakfast to picnic ham with exciting flavors like apple, black forest, black pepper, honey and more. View More >

Sausages: Our Bulan sausages with garlic rosemary, honey BBQ, and Italian flavors are the must-try items. Other kinds of regular and premium sausages are available too.  View More >

Bacon: Enhance the taste of your sandwich or salad with our bacon such as our streaky bacon or turkey bacon that comes with less salt and are good for your body.  View More >

Ready to Eat Meals


Meat Lovers: Satisfy your cravings with our popular range of ready-to-eat meals. We carry Japanese food such as Japanese Curry, Japanese Pork Char Shu, Asian favorites such as Rendang, Curry, Oriental Char Siew and Western BBQ like pork ribs. View More >

Soups: Stock up our popular range of ready-to-eat soups. We carry delicous soups like Lobster Bisque, Seafood Chowder, Mushroom Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Pork Collagen and Chicken Collagen Soup. View More >


Asian Specialties


Asian Specialties: Made from fresh Bulan pork, our XO and Maotai Chinese Sausages are ideal as toppings for your rice and noodles or even pizzas! View More >

Snacks: Highly addictive, our Pork Crackling is ideal as a snack to go with your favorite TV programs. Mad for Bulan pig skins with our New Orleands seasoning, it is so good, one packet is not enough! View More >